Topic: What is a database and why do I need it?

What is a basic Database?

Well, a database is a collection of data stored. This data is accessed electronically using a computer.

Types of databases


Storage location of this database is shared,among individuals or organizations


Data is not found/stored in different locations, for that organization or group.


Data is stored in a personal computer. e.g laptop or desktop.


Data is stored over virtual environment. e.g iCloud for Apple

Why you need a database.

Organize information

Information is easier to access when it’s organized in a database as it is sorted accordingly,

Product Inventory

Allows you to know the amount of stock, what’s on the shelves and what’s been sold then gives you a notice when stock is low or a lot.

Track Sales

This allows you to check your sale’s metrics, sale’s performance and how customer’s come into contact with you.


Allows you to create budget’s on prices of products, this can now be be used to create, Monthly based statements. Quick in turn can be used to create a better and more lean expenditure at the end of the day.

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